World Wellbeing Week

So here’s a subject I’m growing to love: wellbeing, I’m literally falling in love with it and never knew anything about it until recently. 

Wellbeing is becoming a very popular and talked about subject of late. 

What is well being? 

It covers a multitude  of aspects in our lives actually, but in general it  is to be in a  place of contentment, to be happy and healthy

How do we get there? 

Through our every day beliefs, relationships, careers and our minds. 

Here is a list of things that contribute to having a happy, healthy life

  • an enjoyable and fulfilling career
  • adequate money
  • regular exercise
  • a balanced diet (food and water)
  • sufficient sleep
  • an intimate relationship with a partner
  • a network of close friends
  • a sense of belonging
  • the ability to adapt to change
  • a safe physical environment (home and environment)
  • a sense of purpose and meaning
  • all of the above factors are interrelated.

How much attention do you pay to your wellbeing?

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