This Father’s Day…

So I am privileged to have the best father in my life.

A hard working, moralistic, loyal, steady, kind, generous, loud, family man, talented musician, thorough bred Irish man with Irish values, who adores my family & our mother still to this day. Growing up around this, alongside his ‘big bark’ but a soft heart, shaped me into the woman I am today and shaped my future for the type of man I would eventually fall for and become my future.

I’ve been blessed enough to date some gentlemen spirits in my time and, also, some right flipping idiots – to put it bluntly – and, always, my dad was there to watch me go through this journey.

I even remember one time, some idiot of a guy had finished with me and I was broken hearted aged 23 or something, and he sent me a bouquet of flowers to my work’s reception. I thought they were off the guy, but it simply read,  ‘love dad!’

These are the cute things you would want in a father to your children some day.

Along came my very own Irish man from country Wicklow, and became the father to our two beautiful children; a boy and a girl.

He is a wonderful father to all his children ( previous marriage) and works so hard to provide for us all. It works great, as I like to be home with the children all the times that he can’t be, and he provides the lifestyle for us to be lucky enough to do lovely things with the children – much like lots of other dads.

The children adore him, our son is a real daddy’s boy and has a very special relationship with him. Our daughter is a feisty woman aged 2…she’s a mummy girl but a growing daddy’s one more recently, I can tell already she’s well wise to situations and has things summed up, so i can only imagine if any boys knock on our door for her when she’s older, between her and her daddy, they’ll get nowhere! Hahaha!

I really believe I have taken some of my own upbringing from both my parents and put that into my own parenting today.

Both my dad and my children’s dad, ironically, don’t sweat the big things but do sweat the little (like when I lose his phone charger for the 100th time!! :-): -): -) )

We all lead by example: mums, dads, all of us. Our children follow our lead, whether we like it or not or think about it or not, they just do.

I heard a quote a while ago which said:

“ who are you being…if your children’s eyes are not LIT up when they are looking at you in that very moment”

I wish all the hard working loving fathers out there a lovely day and thank you for loving our children. 

To my Padraig, the daddy to our children…if they could comprehend what you do they would say ‘Thank you daddy! We love you…’ so I will say it for them.

Thank you daddy, we love you -) x

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