National best friends day!

So today is national best friends day! A day I would love to celebrate with my friends! The truth is, I don’t see much of them nowadays . Having children changes all of that and you have to MAKE time for it, for them, before you hit burnout. 

So last week, I totally crashed out. I’d been working so hard on my business, both on and off stage. I was so overwhelmed, and with an endless growing TO DO list, completing it but then having brand new lists. It felt like every day I was just fighting to tick the jobs off, as well as being a mother, housewife, partner, sister and daughter. 

I broke down crying to my partner at 8am in the morning in the car park outside Costa; I just couldn’t take anymore, I was so burnt out…I found myself saying, ‘I don’t even see my friends anymore’.

Learning to take time out and give myself permission, as my mum said to me, to just relax and take a day off, was a struggle on one side of my brain, the other side of it embraced it. And so i did! And yes, I did and I do feel better for it. 

I picked up the phone to my girls and arranged a date with them alone and then a play date with the kids. 

Showbiz friends for over 20 years and now friends with kiddies!

I appreciate that life changes and we all change and life moves on, and I’m a strong believer that some of the friends that were on the journey with you at one stage are no longer on the journey with you now. They were precious friends at that time, for just that time, and then there are others that are life long friends that, like me, you may hardly speak to with life’s chaos now but you pick up the phone and it’s like no time has passed at all. 

I believe every friend is in our life for a reason, a time to pull you through, a time to party with, a time to learn lessons from, a time to rely on, a time to grow with, it’s all these beautiful friends who add lots of colour, love and memories to our lives! 

And I love mine dearly… when are we having that mini break? 🙂

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