Where would be without our kids?

‘Where would I be without my kids?’ asks every mother, I’m sure.

All I know, is that they gave me a sense of purpose; a sense of purpose personally and professionally.

Professionally, they have given me a ‘why’; a why I do what I do for them, instead of just for me plodding along with no direction.

Personally, they have given me purpose; I feel like I have a legacy, it’s what I was meant to be.

I am a massive believer in conscious parenting by Dr SHEFALI TSABARY.

They speak about how our children are little spirits that are here to teach us how to be better people, through teaching us patience and teaching us how to be better people.  Not that we are teaching them – well we are – but how to be mindful to be a better parent, by listening to them and understanding them more.

Have a little read of conscious parenting, I’m sure you will love it, learn from it and it will all make sense. You can read about it here.

Happy National Children’s Day.

A x

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