It’s Europe day

Where is the best place to be in Europe, which is the best city?

Let’s face it, we live in an incredible world with amazing countries and cities and everyone’s favourite is down to personal opinion.

I don’t particularly love travelling, though my Cancer star sign tells you otherwise. I am not a big fan of it; I am such a home bird! I love being at home. I do enjoy going away but only for one night. I like to have a little look around but I always love going home. I love seeing my Manchester sign from the airport! I must be crazy!

I think with travelling in my career as a singer, I’ve seen a lot of countries and cities and they all roll into one. Though I know that I’m thoroughly  blessed to have done all of this in my twenties and thirties.

Some of the most memorable places for me have been: St Tropez, where I was flown in to sing for a French – Dutch client to perform for one night, and then down the road to the beautiful Cannes, which was amazing!

Monte Carlo is simply stunning too. I was walking in the scorching heat up a hill, when I turned my dress into a skirt so that I could catch a tan, whilst walking around with my bikini top on and skirt. Until we got to a cafe and they told me to cover up, otherwise I wasn’t allowed in. I loved this!!!!!! I was shocked but ,actually, I love that they were respectful like that and so I did as they requested and enjoyed the stunning views outside the James Bond Casino Royle .

A long strip of beautiful shops, hotels and restaurants were opposite an exquisite beach; the scorching sun, lovely people and a great gig, so it holds a lot of memories.

Dubrovnik was another pleasant surprise. I had never fancied Croatia, but when I was asked to sing on a cruise ship for three days and one of the ports was Dubrovnik, I said yes not knowing anything about it.

I was really surprised by its beauty. The old buildings with marble floors held such character; opera singers gathered to raise the roof in harmony, whilst we walked through marble arches to the next street. Every time you turned a corner there was another pleasant surprise from this talented culture. A very hot country, beautiful beaches, very cheap and full of life; a real surprise .

Where in Europe have you loved to visit? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know.

A x

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