We have been up and down recently…

In 2014, I met the love of my life. He wasn’t my type and I wasn’t his. Between the jigs and the reels, we fell madly in love with each other and off we went on a whirlwind romance.

We had the best 6 months together, before we fell pregnant with our first. During the 9 months I carried my son, we were still getting to know one another. We spent most of our time together, besides work, and every Tues-Thursday he’d travel to Ireland to see his children from his previous relationship. That was my time to shave my legs and do my girly things 🙂

Even though the ups and down of pregnancy were there, all the sickness etc., there was just us two so we had all the time in the world for each other.

We used to laugh – God we used to laugh. We had just a great time, out for breakfast lunch and dinner if we wanted- which was often.

Along the way, two toddlers later, we barely have any time together and we argue like mad. It can be over the smallest things; he gets on my nerves and I get on his.

Keeping the connection is so important though. 

Almost every day, we breakfast together. We work for ourselves so start the day together, after we’ve dropped the children off, and we laugh. Or I laugh – loudly! He still makes me laugh! And I love it when I see tears of laughter in his eyes when he’s laughing at me.

To me, I’d always said it before I had children but I once heard someone say: ‘ you can laugh someone into bed’ and it’s true! For me anyway; we can fight and it doesn’t make me feel like getting into bed together but laughter just makes everything feel ok.

Life is stressful enough and throw young kiddies into the mix, alongside running a business – we both work late nights, too, and the kiddies still wake (as most peoples’ do) so it’s no wonder we are stressed!

Another tip I heard recently, was taking 15 minutes out for yourself in the morning just to do your hair and makeup, because you don’t flirt when he looks good you flirt when YOU look good!

My man often tells me how nice I look but I don’t feel it; when I’ve put the effort into myself, I feel that I look good and confident and will gladly flirt with him then. That makes all the difference!

You see, when you feel good, everything is better.

Don’t you agree?


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