It’s National Siblings Day!

Ok, so I’m one of 3: I’m the eldest, then my mother had 4 miscarriages, then my brother 6 years younger, then another 4 miscarriages and then my sister 9 years younger.

We’re a really close family and I love that about us. My mother wanted a big family, she wanted more than 3, as she herself came from 12 brothers and sisters.

My Nannie had 6 boys and 6 girls, one of the boys died hours old. My mum was the eldest of 11; I think that’s where her love of a big family comes from.

We, too, are super close with all aunties, uncles and our 43 first cousins at the last count.

I went on to be a late starter in motherhood. At 40, I had my first child and 41 had my second.
My boy, aged 3 ,and girl, aged 2, they call them ‘Irish twins’, as they are so close in age but not twins- obviously!

When I buy one something, I have to buy the other the exact same otherwise there’s a meltdown… from me, not them 😉

I can’t cope with the…’it’s miiiiinnnnne!’ in the whiny voice!!


They’ve got to the stage of blaming each other for things, which is actually a little cute because I know what they’re doing!
The: ‘Mum, Niamh said….’ or the ‘Who did that?’ …she replies ‘Pauric did it!’ It drives me potty!!

Though the recent rare moments of him saying every night that he loves me, daddy and even Niamh to the moon and back before bed, fills my heart with pride. I know she loves it too.

I will teach him to look out for his little sister right the way through adulthood, always, and Niamh can be like me with my younger brother – I still mother and boss him about and I’ll teach her that, too!!!

I want them thick as thieves right through life!

How will you show your siblings that you love them, this National Siblings Day?

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