Expressing Gratitude

Do you show gratitude in business or professionally?

Showing Gratitude is backed up by many Psychologists and I’ve been reading a lot about it lately. Have a read of this Doctor’s report.

I thought this was apt for us Mothers in Business as well as Women in Business, and it made me think that when we were children one of the first things our parents taught us was how to say Thank You.

We were taught to show our gratitude and appreciation for everything – even getting a little lollipop.

As we grow older, we somehow lose that childlike wonder at expressing gratitude and loving everything new or old that we come across.

Yes, we use our manners when we’re older to the waitress or waiter, but I’m talking about things we don’t think of or notice.

How many times do we sit alone for 10 minutes ( never, with kids, right?!)? But there’s always 10 minutes to be found somewhere, even before bed maybe? I do it after the school run, before I tidy the house and start my day. I take 10 minutes to just sit there and think ‘Gosh, I am so grateful for today because the sun is shining and it makes me feel happy.’ We never do that, we’re so busy with life’s little rat race.

Try starting your day saying ‘I’m grateful for the small things…’

I’m grateful for this great coffee that makes me feel so nice.

I’m grateful for my beautiful family.

I’m grateful that I am able to do the job I do.

I’m grateful that I have to gifts and talents to work for myself. 

The list is endless.

I encourage you to try it. Even small things, you may run out of things and that’s ok. Some days you’ll have lots and others not so much but, my point is, we all have something to be grateful for and by expressing our gratitude for it, we realise how fortunate we really are.

Get a cheap writing book and starting writing in it; make it a daily habit. If you like a nice book like me, here’s a link to a gorgeous 90 day Gratitude book with quotes in it:

I follow this lady, she’s an amazing woman in business and an expert of finances, she’s now brought this Gratitude book out and it’s just gorgeous!

Here’s a quote Rachel Cruze recently said:

‘Be Thankful for Where You Are in Life
My parents declared bankruptcy the year I was born. Because of that, I learned a lot about contentment early in life. My parents helped me see the important balance between working hard and trying to be successful and being thankful for how far you’ve already come (and what you’ve already achieved). While there’s nothing wrong with setting goals and moving forward in your life and career, never take for granted what you already have’

Rachel Cruze

So, leave me a comment below or message me on social media and tell me: how do you express gratitude? I would love to know.

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  1. Totally agree… I think I’m going to start doing this daily. How are you finding it?

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