Do you read to your children?

I love this stage of parenting, where I can sit and read a book to them. It’s how I imagined being a mother would be one day.

My children are aged 2 & 3 so sometimes they enjoy reading depending on their humour at the time and other times have zero attention span.

Reading a book as part of a night time routine never clicked with us as a family, the bedtime routine was pressured enough, just to get them in their pj’s and brush their teeth was a challenge enough!

So I took to reading their favourite story when I got the chance in the daytime and at weekends.
Now my eldest is 3 and starting to recognise the letter of his name and such, I’ve bought books such as ‘first words’ and we try to identify them together.

I just love teaching him. Though I’m all ‘hail to the real teachers’ out there who do a fantastic job of educating our children with patience and professionalism. I can’t wait for him to start school so I can follow their lead.

In the meantime, The bit I do love, is the making memories of it. You see, we don’t always remember the things that we were actually doing at any given time, I know this as a singer. People may not remember what song I sang but they do remember how I made them feel at the time.

I want the same for my children, they may not remember what I was reading but they’ll remember the connection of mummy taking the time to sit together and how I made them feel.

Here is a useful link if you are looking for some fun ideas to read with your child:

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  1. Mummytruths says:

    Reading stories benefit children’s development so much, my baby is 11 weeks and iv started with the texture books and reading little words to him but I can’t wait till I can read every night to him long stories. This was interesting to read 💙

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