Finding your voice as a Woman In Business

As a woman in business, sometimes it feels like things are stacked up against us. With International Women’s Day becoming a huge success and us women being recognised for who we are are, as women and as mothers, if you are one, things are heading in the right direction, even though progress may sometimes seem slow.

I have a question to ask you though:

Have you found your voice as a woman in business?

Are you happy with where you are heading in business?

Does it suits your needs? The needs of your family, maybe?

As a Singer for over 20 years, I have performed for Celebrities, Members of Parliament, Corporate Companies, the biggest football club in the world, Cruise ships across the world, private yachts... even members of the Clergy and everything in between.
I had a pretty busy diary until, one day, I realised I actually had no direction and purpose to what I was doing?!

I felt unfulfilled. I met my partner and we, very quickly, back to back, had 2 children. When they was aged 1 & 2, my very thoughtful partner assured me – thinking he was saying the right thing – that I didn’t need to worry about money and I didn’t have to work if II didn’t want to.

This was the worst thing he could have said!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it felt amazing not having to worry about bills and pulling my weight, and I enjoyed going out for lunch with my friends and just paying for it with no bother. I absolutely knew how lucky and fortunate I was to enjoy this lifestyle: but I knew this wasn’t the life for me.


If I don’t need to work, as such, then what’s my purpose? If my children are ok, then who am I serving?

It really bothered me, I wanted to work, but since I had the kiddies I couldn’t just jet off like I used to and sing anywhere; my flexibility had changed, but my passion to perform hadn’t. So now I’m a washed up- has been-singer?! Was that it?! No way, I decided! I still have a voice, I thought, and I’m going to use it, just in a different way.

I quickly realised that I loved every woman I met – mother or not – purely because we know the score; we have our own struggles in business and I knew that I wanted to help.

Not only does my voice enable me to sing, it enables me to talk. I wanted to share my story with women, women in business and mums in business.
I wanted to encourage others and inspire women to think out side of the box with their own voices.


Is there something you love to do but you’re too afraid to do it?
Is there a business venture you’ve been dying to do but don’t know how?
Are you particularly good at something and want to share it with others?
Do you want a change of direction with the business?
Do you want to get fitter or healthier?

Whatever it is, there’ll be something that you’ll want to do if you search hard enough…I encourage you to listen to your inner voice, what is she telling you?

If you were to see her in ten years time, would she say to you, why did you never do that thing you wanted to do?

If I were to ask you now…take a minute to think about it…

what is the title of your song?

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  1. such an inspiration you are…similar struggle though not without working however working and still thinking “what is my purpose”..”what M i doing and what actually I love to do”….still figuring out..thanks for the post though.

    1. Keep at it, you will get there x

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