What is a good Mother?

What actually defines a good mother? One who can show love unconditionally?

One who finds it hard to show love physically but can clothe her children well?

Is it someone who puts herself second because she loves her children so?

Or is it someone who puts herself first in order to be a better mum in the long run?

I think there are lots of ways mothers can be great and they won’t always measure up to the next mother’s expectancy.

If I can be half the mother my mum is to me and my siblings, I will be doing a great job.

You see my mum is a friend, a best friend to all of us. SHE HAS SUCH A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR THAT ANYTHING life throws at us – and I mean ANYTHING – we can get through with her and her humour. And believe me, we’ve been through enough tales to tell you.

In addition to that, she just has a down to earth, stress-free way about her. She is very easy going, never stresses. She may do internally, but she never shows it. Not that she’s hiding it for our benefit, that’s just her natural way.

Growing up, nothing in particular stands out – I remember being very little and always dressed beautifully, by my mum, and my hair was always plaited and looked gorgeous for school. Our uniforms were pristine and so was she.  Though, I think its my teens and twenties when I always remember my mum being my mum, if you get me.

The boyfriend heartaches and such like, coming in from night clubs late at night and sitting at the end of her bed telling her all the tales at that hour of the morning. Her wise, comforting words of wisdom over people who had broken my heart. It’s that kind of motherhood that I like.

As I am a mother today, I know that I will be like that with my own children because I’ve got the same nature as my mother.

On the journey of motherhood I am on now, I just try every day to be mindful and watch in awe at the beauty we have created and the blessing that I have to be their mother; out of everyone in the world, I was matched with my little toddlers. In between all the tears from them- and me – I know that one day, God willing, I will be having late night chats and cups of tea at the kitchen table with them, maybe nursing one off their heart aches… though I won’t let those boyfriends or girlfriends get away scott free, I can tell you!

Motherhood is a marvellous thing and we all know it’s as hard as anything a lot of the time, though there is such pleasure in it that you cannot get from any amount of wine ( I know I’ve tried haha! ) or anything else, I imagine.

I, also, love all the other stuff about motherhood: I love being in a community of motherhood, I love all other mothers just for being mothers, if I know them or not! It really is an amazing thing.

So, to all the mothers out there – Happy Mother’s Day!

A x

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