Exciting news for a secret client !

I am so thrilled to say that, last week, I have secured two engagements for team building singing workshops for Women In Business. One is a very high profile client that I am sworn to secrecy with at this stage.

I have booked a speaking gig on Finding your Purpose for Mums in business events. 

Delighted is an understatement!  I have a real passion for women in business and mums in business, since having my own children. 

The struggle is real my friends! 

Team building singing workshops are such a great way  to build character, release any inhibitions, build strength with others around – you by listening to your team member sing right next to you and, yet, blend in with them all at the same time. Just imagine, for one second, what that might feel like. It builds bonds and strengthens relationships; singing really is amazing!

It is not about taking centre stage as such; it’s about listening to your team members.  I teach them a song they’ve maybe never sung before; break the team down into groups; teach them different parts of the song and, then, bring them all back together as a team and sing in unison.

It’s such great fun and this is proving to be really popular!

I love it because I love people and MY PASSION is supporting women in business at whatever level they are at!

Would you love to be a part of a singing-team building workshop or does that scare you?

More details for bookings and bespoke packages coming soon!

A x

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