Family Sundays

I know life can be hectic: with kids, washing, laundry, sleep (lack of it!), uniforms, work, trying to run a business, self care…. just having a good bath and washing your hair can seem like a chore, that’s besides everything else! Gee wiz, I’m exhausted listening to myself!

Then, making quality time as a family is sometimes way down your list, as you’re just trying to survive. I’ve been making conscious decisions to really think about my values in general and, also, values with my business.
One of my values is this: to spend QUALITY time as a FAMILY!!! Not just ‘mummy time’ or ‘daddy time’ separately but all together and, for us, a good day is a Sunday. 

We try to do something different with them on a Sunday – take them to the zoo or farm, or on a bus or train. Simple things that we can occupy most of the day with. We eat out for lunch and then home for a slow cooker tea time, set before we leave the house in the morning.
Often, we end up just doing the usual trip to the garden centre because we know it’s a sure hit and, depending on the weather or morning dramas, we just do what is safe!
I’m all about creating memories and I want our children to grow up knowing mummy and daddy worked hard and, when we had time together, mummy and daddy always made quality time, which we call ‘family Sunday’. 

Our boy calls it ‘Mummy and Daddy Day’…he often says, “is it Mummy and Daddy day today, Mummy?”
I say” yes!” and he shrieks out a gleeful “YES!”, punching his fist in the air!
How cute is that? Money cannot buy that!

What do you do for your special time together?

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