You have permission to rest.

I saw this quote and it really resonated with me:

You are not responsible for everything  that is broke’

 This used to be me. 

‘You do not have to try to make everyone happy.’

 This IS me.  

‘For now, take time for you.’

 This is GOING to be me. 

‘It’s time to replenish.’

 This Is GOING to be me. 

As a people person, mother and woman, all the above quotes have been me, altogether at some point. I am now learning, though, that I can’t be in control of everything without something giving.

For now, in the first 3 years of motherhood, my eldest is 3 and my youngest is 2 and I have just flown by the skin of my teeth just surviving, not making any time for myself. 

Not for any reason as such but time just flies by, anyway, and then you have so many little stages: teething, crawling, walking, toddling, night feeds, dropping  the dummy, potty training… the list goes on and on! It is so easy to forget yourself somewhere along the way.

After listening to podcasts with business women that are mothers, it has inspired me to take time out for myself, in order to keep sane and to be the best mother I can be. I know that this is when I’ve replenished my soul, internally and externally.

I am not responsible for everything that is broken as the quote says above- let it go. I’ve done this and I felt this was an easy one. 

I do not have to make everyone happy.  This is a work in progress for me, because I love to make everyone happy.

 If people in my life have a problem they come to me, and I love to help sort it out, but it can be draining for me, so I’m learning that not everyone else’s emergency is my emergency. 

For now, take time for you

I’m loving this, so far! I’ve had a massage and I absolutely loved it; I was thinking of the kids whilst I was lay on my back, feeling guilty, and then fell asleep!

I’ve had a pedicure with my best friend and came home and did a spring clean; that never happens! I take time to put my make up on and do my tan – I must admit: I dislike doing this physically, it gets on my nerves that it takes so long, but I like how good I look and feel afterwards so it’s time well spent on myself.

The last for me, is taking time to replenish, which I work on by going to my Pilates class. Even though I’m not exercise  mad, it’s my time just for me and my 2 x c section belly! How could I not look after her after what she’s has done for us?!

So, all of that and regularly listening to positive affirmation podcasts is the new me!

What do you do to make you feel good, I’d love to know?

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