Mothercare campaign, be proud of your body.

So today Mothercare have hosted a very big event in light of all us beautiful mothers, who have worked so hard to grow our babies inside our bodies,  and since been left with a different kind of body: #bodyproudmums

I was asked to sing at this event at the last minute, (in conjunction with the fabulous Mothers Meeting, give them a follow, they’re AMAZING!) but I had other commitments and I am really looking forward to working with them next time.

Before we have children, we take for granted our body shape – or maybe you didn’t – but as a generalisation, we don’t really give it a thought until after we have children that something has changed, either internal or external. 

Unless of course, you are one of the lucky ones who just go back to normal everywhere…Or is there just something little that bothers you? 

For me, I was always slim built with a tiny belly because I never did a days exercise, ever.  I was slim built since a child and could eat anything, as an adult, it was the same, though I’d hold my tummy in every now and again for a photograph. 

At 40 years old I had my first child, 4 months later I was pregnant again. We had a miscarriage and then 2 months after that we were pregnant again and I had my second child at 41. 

After another C section, planned this time, two years have flown by and now I do pilates 2/3 times a week and a home workout out in between all of the juggle- I fall off the wagon a LOT and I’m learning to be tenacious!

I, also, go for a brisk walk in the morning with my man, as it’s the only time we get together in peace – no work, no kids – and we always have lovely chats, we come home and he cooks me eggs! I have it good really 🙂

My belly now sticks out a mile and I still look 4 months pregnant, I know it’s c section related, I don’t hate it and nor do I love it. 

Me now, after two babies

It’s just how it is; I eat well and healthily, and I’ve cut out my wine drinking from every night to whenever I want one – maybe on a Friday night – and I’ve cut down on the crisps now to hardly having any.  

That said – I live in moderation: I eat what I want,  when I want, and I don’t beat myself up about it. Life is too short, though I am mindful, as well. 

If you don’t like something: don’t moan about it, change it.

I can blame my x sections and babies as long as I want, but there comes a time I have to take responsibility if I want to change it 2 and half years later!!!! 

I’m happy, I love my C section scars, even second time around. I love my children, my man, our new life and my body, though I’m am working on some changes. 

Love yourself from within, just as your children love you xx

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