Do you have ‘ME’ time?

No-one else, no kids, partner, family, phone, TV, JUST YOU?!

It dawned upon me recently that I have very little, if not until lately, zero me time.

When I say me, there’s the odd hour I can catch a bit of catch up TV or a quick coffee/glass of the old Vino when the kids have gone to bed, but generally speaking that moment where you do just nothing, sit in your own quiet space for just half an hour, I noted I HARDLY ever do!

I wanted and want to to share the importance of having that time with no distractions simply to recharge myself and balance out my thoughts.

I love to catch a TV moment or my glass of wine, and there’s definitely a deserved place for it.

Though the time to sit and just indulge in pampering myself, painting my nails in a non -rushed environment, listening to chilled music, whilst popping on a face pack, I can honestly say the last time I did that I was a teenager at the very least, pre kids for sure!

I have a million things to do every day, as do you I guess.

My to do list is ever growing, I’m on the laptop, I’m listening podcast, etc etc. Whilst all is its good and productive, my mind is never free. There’s a time and place for ME time.

An Aunty of mine was telling me, that her counsellor had suggested to her to have Me time and that people around her thought it was selfish (mothers particularly) because they are so with the kids and work etc, but to change your way of thinking to it being SELF- RESPECT rather than SELFISH!

I love the idea of that! Why is it selfish to paint my nails and look half the women i used to before children?

I had it going on! Or at least I think i did anyway! -)

Next time you get your diary out, make it a task, put it in your dairy, that hour somewhere where you can just sit alone, in the quiet or with chilled music, a face pack, do your nails, read a book, mediate, take a nap. Anything, that nourishes your soul for little moment longer that will have you returning to your super mummy powers that you have!

Whats the one thing that you love to do to chill out? <3

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  1. Self care is essential! At just over 6 months postpartum I have started to incorporate a little me time every day and it’s definitely helping me feel more human! X

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