What kind of Mum are you?

This week I was thinking about what type of mum I am.

If we sit for a second and literally think about little children’s eyes looking at us everyday, what kind of mother do you think they are seeing?

It’s hard just going about doing our day to day stuff and surviving until bedtime,  that we don’t give it a thought about what we are exuding. 

I have a great mother, a fantastic role model, not everyone does.  

Do we follow our mums footsteps, or do we make new footsteps, different ones. 

Are we being the best we can be for our little ones? 

Are you the type of mum who’s organised ? To the point of being obsessed or quiet relaxed, things just need to be in order?

I am easy going, laid back type of mum and person, though some things I am quite organised with.  There are lots of things that I’d like to improve on. I keep making excuses like, when we have bigger house, i’ll do more because i’ll have more space.  

Not sure if that’s true or just a cop out. 

I’ve started following Marie Kondo after watching her on Netflix about tidying up and I have to say that I love it.  I love getting more organised.  

She has a fantastic book out called The Magic of Tidying.

I fall of the wagon often but I just climb back up again.  One day I want to be like Monica from Friends, with a clip board and an earpiece and microphone when the kids get in from pre school-)

Are you a laid back mum, or are you super organised? 

Are you a super loving mum or a little reserved? <3

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