What is contentment?

“A state of happiness and satisfaction. He found contentment in living a simple life in the country” 

This is how I feel today. I’ve had the busiest of weekends. I’m so lucky that I work for myself, most of my work is evenings at the weekend and some daytime events mid week.
The children are at pre-school and nursery so I treasure my weekends with them.
This weekend has seen both their dad and I out for the day with the toddlers, they get shattered from 3pm onwards and just waiting till 6pm is a working progress. 

Off they go to sleep, I’m also shattered, though the stage is calling and people are waiting.  Make up on, hair done, into the car, drive to the venue, on stage, smile, sing, laugh, dance, connect, repeat 🙂
Home at 1am, up with my 2 year old at 4am, back to sleep 5-6am. Then it’s Sunday morning and we do it all again. 

I constantly remind myself how much I love them and love being with them and I tell my tired eyes still with last night’s makeup on that we can make it till 6pm. 

Then I remember my partner and I have arranged to go to a dinner and wine tasting event with friends. Still with last nights make up, just with a little more added, we head out, bog-eyed, to have one of the best nights we’ve had in ages!!! 

Monday morning comes and the toddlers are off to nursery and pre school and my favourite day of the week, Monday, is wasted on my lack of strength from tasting too many wines! Like I even understood which country they came from after the event! I just laughed, chatted and sipped it!

Tuesdays now here and I’m still catching up on admin work, rehearsing, washing, drying, cleaning, kiddies bath time, bedtime tantrums.
I feel most content though when I feel tired, and my children are sound asleep, the house is peaceful, the dish washer is on, the washing is drying and the smell of the fabric softener fills the air,candles are burning, garlic bread in the oven, tea in the tea pot, the heating is on, the fire is on, Pyjamas are on, my man is on his way home and I feel completely content at this very moment. 

I adore the simple things, what simple things make you feel most content? <3

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  1. Great post 😁

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