The best intentions…that offend?

Do you offend people with your routines?

So, I am blessed to have the best family ever.  My extended family, Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister and a huge family beyond that. My Mum is one of 11 children and all married with children and were super close. 

My mum and Dad would do anything for us and are my number one baby sitters, in the middle of the night, if a trip to A&E is needed with the children, they are the first people I would call and they’d take me. They are the best! 

I love routine for my children and I know exactly how they operate. When my children have been in nursery and pre-school all day, when I collect them they are SHATTERED. They literally fall asleep within the hour from when we’ve arrived home. They sleep approximately 6pm-5/6am. 

When they’re home, it’s  a battle just to get through that last hour of the day without any meltdowns, just to survive and let them cry and kick off at what they want without me losing it as we know their just utterly exhausted. 

They love to have their little snacks on their knee with a little blanket, a little bootle each, watching something chilled on tv, as soon as the programme has finished, the tv goes off and up the dancers we go. 

If we leave that little window another 15 minutes (if they’re tired that is) it can all go horribly wrong, like getting over tired and hyper, running around the living room chasing each other, an accident about to happen at any time.   So if they’re really tired and I can see they are, I stick to the routine. 

Here’s, the thing. 

I don’t allow any visitors even family between say 5-7pm, my dad got really offended.  I said Dad, I can’t have you coming over here at quarter to 6 anytime you like, it just doesn’t suit our family. 

The kids are too grumpy at that time, they’re peaceful by the skin of my teeth,  just as you arrive and you saying in your joking voice and Tipperary accent and chasing them with ‘give me that belly’ , that the kids normally laugh at, at 2pm in the day, it’s  now making them scream as they’re so tired and just not in the humour. 

Dad said, he can’t make any other time until the weekend and he misses them if he doesn’t see them all week. He can’t guarantee what time he can make it due to his own schedule, and I understand that but I didn’t feel he understood me. 

I offered for him to come for tea say every Monday and I  will collect the children early and we can have quietly time tother, but he could accommodate as he doesn’t know his schedule. 

Getting the kids excited back fires, equally backfires if they are not excited but are grumpy and don’t even have any quality time together. So that was it, I lost it and put my foot down.  No visitors, no phone calls, no nothing, whilst my children are so little and temperamental, This is how we do things. 

I want quality time with them when we’ve not seen them all day and as I said I’m just flying by my knickers for that last hour that we as their Mum and Dad to a 2 and 3 year old just have a nice hour together. 

I have to end on the fact that I love my Dad dearly and he is the BEST Grandad 🙂 and anyone who knows him, knows how much of a well loved gentleman he is and thankfully thick skinned! 

Do you have anything at home that you will not compromise on? <3

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