Bring your daughter to work day…

Ok so, it wasn’t exactly work as it was a family occasion I was asked to just get up and sing at, rather than a corporate event, private party or such like.

The difference being, this is my work as a professional singer, though my children ages 2 & 3 have never being anywhere near a stage or such an occasion. Ironic as I, as a child was always at gigs with my Mum and Dad’s family band.

I fondly recall, back in the day on a Sunday afternoon where children were allowed into packed out pubs, full of craic and laughter, the smell of stale beer and happy times, fabulous Irish and country music which is now my roots and crowded rooms where you couldn’t get a seat. I was allowed a cola cola in a glass bottle and packet of crisps. I loved those days.

See my family were and still are a great crowd of talented singers and musicians and this was all I ever knew.

Now that times have changed, my children have never seen or heard live music, to say my little girl got a shock when I was singing was an understatement, she cried her eyes out, maybe the attention or the small amplifier making the sound.

She wasn’t happy.

It did make me giggle though I couldn’t even finish the words-)

No child of mine will be afraid of a microphone so I’ll give it another year and host weekly singing lessons in the front room so there’s no stage fright in this house😀-)

Look at this video she’s just so cute… singing Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong <3

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