Say no to Mum shaming

A conversation came up been myself and another mother about  the time frames of which both of our children did things, such as sleeping through, potty training etc, you know the story.

 It dawned on me that there is such a thing as mum shaming out there between other mothers.  Where one mother can feel judged or less of a mother towards another one. I have to say, I’ve been very fortunate to have made gorgeous mum friends that I have met at baby massage, play groups, strangers, friends and family, so I’ve very rarely felt this. 

On the occasion I did feel it, it was sleep related, my youngest had bad reflux and would never sleep on her back, only on my chest and there we have it… The reflux goes (eventually) and we’re now in a bad sleeping habit! 🙄 But hey ho, we got through it, with the help of a sleep trainer but I never judged other Mums or felt judged, it was just the way it was.

Different people’s experiences, give nice helpful advice if you can.
More recently my 2 year old daughter is showing massive interest in the potty since her 3 year old brother is toilet trained, she wants to be just like him. In we come from nursery she whips off her tights and nappy ( she’s like her mother in more ways than one😂) and goes straight on the potty, and ironically does a timely wee.

” Yayyyyyyy little Niamh, you’re a winner”
Big round of applause, “now pop your nappy back on”…(because I know what’s coming)
“NOOOOOOOOOO” she screams, she wants to be free.
“Tell mummy when you need a wee wee or poo poo then”

Flash back to Christmas Day just gone…. The same story as above and what happens? A wee in the potty followed by no mention whatsoever  of the big poo she’s just done on the bedroom floor that she walked in to the carpet and in between her toes😱
No wayyyyyyyy!!!!! ” Niamh you are no where near ready for potty training!” So I’ve left it for another few weeks, I won’t discourage her interest in the potty and in a few weeks I’ll try her again.

I believe Mums know best, mothers instinct is always right.
Leave it till the last minute… one health visitor told me and it worked- perfectly! <3

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  1. megz hurst says:

    Potty training I think really depends on the child I’ve been looking into potty training because my little girl is 2 this year but everyone’s potty training experience is completely different! X

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