Singing was my destiny

Singing and performing was my destiny… it’s all I ever knew.

From Salford to Singapore, Chorlton to the Caribbean, Droylsden to Dubai
and everywhere in between. Travelling the world has been fabulous. And then I became a MUM and my heart, reality, and life blew wide open.

I’ve just trusted myself to combine these two worlds of mine into something that feels magnificent and new. For all the mothers in the world, I offer the first creation from this chapter of my life. Put down all that you are doing for others (yes, I know you are, right now!) and accept this celebration of who you are.

Put the kettle on, or grab a wine and listen to the words…it’s a conversation between God and an unborn child about to meet his mum.

From one mother to another, your doing a great job!

Your babies love you!

-Anita <3

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