So,  I’ve been on a little bit of a personal growth journey recently,  I still am actually, you know feeding my mind with the right knowledge, surrounding myself with right people, the things I’m interested in, non negative vibes. 

It’s also taught me that your mindset is everything,  from a parent to a professional,  how you think maps your hours,days,weeks and months. 

I heard a interview with the gentleman legend of a man that is Gary Barlow.  A successful songwriter, musician and Popstar, having been at the very top of his game he realised that your mind is everything.  

You can be a every day Joe Bloggs or a Pop star we all still have to look after our minds as its the very thing that fuels the body. 

The thoughts we keep, the things we listen to, ultimately make us do the things we do. 

I am loving my journey as a Professional Performer,  Parent  and personal growth student. <3

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