Being present in the moment…

I don’t know about you but one bug bear I used to have was my partner looking at his phone when the kids were around.  I did it too to be honest but not as frequent as him.

I decided to make a stand, I said “Darling, I’m not happy that we’re looking at our phones when we are with the kids.  They are looking at us looking at the phone, they’re only with us a few hours before it’s bedtime.”

It really bothered me, I could feel my temperature rising.

Now to put it into perspective, my partner has his own business, he does have a Manger to act on his behalf but his phone is always ringing, pinging, emailing alerts and its work, and it can be stressful for him at times.

I suggested when we have collected them from nursery and pre-school let’s set a time, that between the hours of 4-7pm which is  tea, bath and bedtime, there is no need for us to be on our phone unless it’s an emergency.

So we set a curfew and I’m thrilled to say it has worked. I just wanted to be present in the moment that they are there. They don’t understand that we have deadlines to meet or reply to messages or emails, and  everyone else  in our lives know we have a young family and this is the busiest, craziest time of our day.

Our children may  not be able to articulate to us what happened in their day, though I  can safely say being the arms of Mummy and Daddy for a chat or cuddle must make their little day. <3

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