First Time Mum at 40

Inspired by Motherhood and Business, I share my story with you

Speaker – Singer – Host

Welcome to First Time Mum at 40, a blog that marries the personal and professional life of me, Anita Ryan. A professional singer for all of my life , everything turned upside down when I became a first time Mum at 40 and a second time Mum at 41. Through this blog, I love to share the highs and lows of parenting, managing my own business and the joys of bringing up my two young children in the amazing city of Manchester.

My world

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Since my life has changed direction and led me to juggle the craziness that is motherhood with my own professional business, it has only been natural for me that my performance business has taken a turn. No more singing in strange venues ’til 3am and dancing ’til dawn for me now (however much I loved those days!) now, as well as maintaining my corporate events and singing (which you can read more about here), I am also a professional speaker and singer for Women in business and Mums in Business events across the north of England and beyond. This marries the two things that I am absolutely passionate about: being a Mum and Performing.

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